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By educators for educators. By parents for parents. We’re not tech guys in the business of telling you how to raise your children, or how to run your school. We’re teachers and parents who struggled with the same problems you have and found a better way. And we’re sharing that with you for YOU to decide what solution fits your needs perfectly, or rather, Prefectly.

Have a seamless admissions test!

Entrance exams are made easy to accomplish with our module. This feature is where school admission processes, specifically entrance examinations for incoming students occur. The material for the exam proper is uploaded and accessed by users in this field, where they will undergo a series of virtual question and answer examinations for assessment. Test results will also reflect within a given period of time. Consequently, once an enrollee passes his/her admissions test, they are eligible to undergo the next steps in school enrollment. Admissions is fast and easy with Prefect Academe.

Payment validation in one click, anytime and anywhere!

Once students and parents complete the initial steps of enrollment, they can already choose from the modes of payment offered by the institution upon assessment. Parents and guardians can make bank transactions or pay online based on preference for their children’s school fees. Once payments are settled, a deposit slip from the bank must be sent to the Payment System. An e-receipt to acknowledge the money transfer will then be released to the parent or guardian. Payment System helps you keep payments in check.

Have your unique and personalized database feature for your records!

This module stores data and other records on school departments, encompassing student information, staff list (from the school administration, professors, and utility personnel), Human Resource system, and other necessary documentation that concern the school, the student and staff bodies. Users can systematically browse through records and manage their organization’s information with their unique identifiers. Unauthorized activity is immediately blocked by our implementation of airtight security procedures. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Boost your institution’s development program with the best automated classroom.

Our Learning Management System is conducive for virtual learning anytime and anywhere. The Prefect Academe LMS offers the following: users can utilize real time virtual classes through video streaming, live online chat box where teachers can send files and instructions and students alike have the option to participate through chat, record video lectures, and access reaction buttons (like, dislike, applause, etc.). Prefect Academe’s LMS is a user-friendly tool for virtual classroom simulation and learning experience.

Track a crucial aspect such as academic performance efficiently!

Offer your students the best handy online report card with Prefect Academe. In this feature, parents, students, and school staff can view quarterly or semestral grades. This virtual report card exhibits grade distribution, analytics, and other related assessments on academics, extra-curricular, and guidance conduct to users. Teachers can input and manage students’ performance and grade equivalents, and once dates for viewing grades are scheduled, grade reflection can be seen in the virtual report card in a given amount of time. See the progress of online learning with us now.

We are bringing you all your records in one click!

This module generates and stores transcript records, virtual certificates such as diploma or merit awards from recognition rites, and any other necessary documentation for official school and personal use. Parents and students can view and download said certificates once available in the Graduation Module feature. Less work, less hassle for your essential academic records.

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